The 2018 Pet Business Top 25 Retailers list shows that North America’s largest pet store chains continued to experience phenomenal growth over the past year—a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

A Franchise on the Rise Woof Gang Bakery (No. 10) is another chain that ratcheted up its growth in 2017. After expanding at annual average of 12 to 13 stores over the previous three years, the company added 17 locations over the past 12 months or so. As is the case with Petsense, Woof Gang Bakery’s escalating growth arc is largely the product of the improved resources at its disposal. However, in this chain’s case, those resources did not come from being acquired by another organization, but rather through key investments ownership made in the franchise. “[In the past], we were concerned about the speed of the growth because we’re still a small company,” says Woof Gang Bakery president Paul Allen. “So we had to look at the infrastructure we had in supporting our current franchise owners before we focused on growth.

We could have easily opened another 50 stores, but it was a lot easier for us to put a hold on that and make sure that our stores and our franchise owners were successful.” Read the full story in the current issue here: http://www.petbusiness.com/March-2018/The-Top-25-Pet-Retailers-in-North-America/