Love, Kindness, and Respect are at the Heart of Woof Gang’s Chief Woof Gang Way Officer

Love, Kindness, and Respect are at the Heart of Woof Gang’s Chief Woof Gang Way Officer


Bianca Ferrari knows all about creating effective training and setting high company standards. She has a background in Human Resources, receiving several global awards for her work implementing employee experience programs that created exceptional customer service. She worked for large global companies like DuPont, Weston Foods North America, and Group Saint-Gobain as an HR and employee experience leader where she executed strategies and training.


But it is her work for the last eight months as the Chief Woof Gang Way Officer for Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, the leader in specialty pet retail and grooming, that has her feeling excited and engaged. “


“The Woof Gang Way means providing a friendly and fun-loving environment for pets and their owners,” said Bianca Ferrari, Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming’s Chief Woof Gang Way Officer. "I am very passionate about upholding our brand’s mission of serving as a retreat for the pampered pet and ensuring each animal companion leaves our business groomed, revitalized, and indulged.”

Bianca is a former owner of a Woof Gang franchise, which gives her special insight into how to operate a successful neighborhood grooming store, and design effective training for others to thrive. She shines when creating innovative programs that cultivate an outstanding customer experience while supporting top-performing talent and teams.


Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming takes pride in providing best-in-class training and support to every franchise owner throughout the life of the franchise. Bianca believes that one of the many benefits of franchising with an industry leader like Woof Gang is that they have spent many years fine-tuning business model to perfection.

“We’ll be stronger for the stores that are coming,” she continued, her eyes gazing upward as if seeing the bright future ahead. “We’ll do all we can with tools, training, and communication to enable them to succeed.”



Bianca often gets  animated when speaking about the work ahead at Woof Gang. Her role as the Chief Woof Gang Way Officer has her working directly with CEO Ricardo Azevedo to rebuild the strategy around grooming, training, and standards to develop and attract the best professionals.



Bianca credits the Woof Gang culture in creating a supportive structure for franchisee success as Woof Gang continues to grow beyond the company’s current 200 locations. She also strongly believes in the importance of always improving, bringing their services to the next level, and fortifying the already strong culture of love, kindness, respect, and professionalism that makes Woof Gang stand out against the competition.


“We want to create a unique space that no one can copy because it’s so special,” she said “The customer experience should be comfortable for families that visit us and love should be everywhere. It’s a big mission and a beautiful one.”


Bianca cites the importance of building neighborhood networks so each Woof Gang store becomes a vital part of the community, and franchise owners and the professionals who work for them can succeed.


At 200 stores strong and growing, Bianca says there’s a demand to open Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming franchises.


“Our scores on Google are the best in the industry, she said “Woof Gang strives to create a unique experience for customers and our competitors do not get as much positive feedback as we do. We need to keep perpetuating our outstanding customer service as we gain volume.”


Training, Bianca says, will always involve reinforcing the culture of Woof Gang.


“We want to have the right mindset and behaviors and attract franchisees according to the values we hold,” she said. “Woof Gang’s training and standards will bolster the company culture and will be reflected in the customer experience as well as the franchisees and their professional staff. I’m very excited for the future!”