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It’s the only place where dogs can do the shopping! 

Health in Every Bite: Pure, Premium Treats for Your Pup!

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Our Approach

A Wholesome Haven for Pets

Our Approach

A Wholesome Haven for Pets

At Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, we believe shopping for your furry companion should be more than a routine errand: It should be a delightful journey!

We've curated a retail space that reflects our dedication to quality, health. and happiness. Every product we offer is thoughtfully chosen to meet the diverse needs of pets while ensuring they receive the utmost care nutrition. and enjoyment

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Want to know more about

Our Famous Pink Buckets?

Want to know more about

Our Famous Pink Buckets?

"The owner and workers there are so kind and educated. My boyfriend and I are first time dog parents, and when we arrived they gave us helpful tips and were so kind to answer any questions we have. The lady at the front remembered our dogs’ name and OUR NAMES! It’s all in the details, and the owner and her make a great team. We felt very welcomed and most importantly our mini golden-doodle Milo felt like he was at a dogs amusement park haha!"

- Haskiri V.


At the heart of our retail experience are our iconic pink buckets — a testament to our commitment to ensuring that every pet feels like the VIP they truly are. These cheerful, vibrant buckets are more than just containers. They are a ticket to a shopping spree tailored to your furry friend's preferences. As your canine companion roams our aisles, the magic happens. Their excitement and curiosity lead the way as they explore an array of all-natural treats, premium pet foods, and delightful accessories. Each pink bucket is an invitation for dogs to shop alongside their owners, adding a touch of interactivity and tail-wagging joy to the retail experience.

At Woof Gang, every wag and purr find their perfect match! Our commitment to the well-being and happiness of pets extends beyond our grooming services. It’s ingrained in every facet of our retail experience.