Woof Gang Bakery and K9 Fit Club Team Up to Launch Fitness Classes for People and Their Pups Across the Country

Woof Gang Bakery and K9 Fit Club Team Up to Launch Fitness Classes for People and Their Pups Across the Country
Woof Gang Bakery’s focus on service and experiences takes a new twist with customer and canine connections enhanced through fun and fitness

Woof Gang Bakery, the leader in specialty pet retail and grooming, is adding a new offering to its menu of services to further enhance the customer experience. In partnership with K9 Fit Club, Woof Gang Bakery will introduce fitness programs for people and their pups in several stores beginning in June.
K9 Fit Club is the nation’s pioneer and leader in human-canine fitness. Sessions concentrate on exercise, pet behavior and strengthening the human-animal bond. Aligning with the Woof Gang Bakery mission, K9 Fit Club is dedicated to creating good health, fitness and wellness for dogs and their people.
“We aim to be a game-changer in specialty pet retail with a focus on a higher level of service,” said Paul Allen, President and CEO of Woof Gang Bakery. “This program is a natural next step in elevating the in-store experience. Because we know that the well-being, health and happiness of pets and their people go hand in hand, we are thrilled to roll out K9 Fit Club classes.”
Beginning in June, K9 Fit Club classes will commence in 10 Woof Gang Bakery locations across five states, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kansas. Throughout the summer, 30 additional Woof Gang Bakery stores are scheduled to introduce the program, with more locations added in existing states, as well as in Texas, Nevada, New Jersey and Connecticut.
K9 Fit Club is dedicated to health, fitness and wellness at Both Ends of the Leash™. Their proprietary programs enable pet parents to work out with their canine companions. At Woof Gang Bakery locations, classes will include NamaSitStay®, Bow Wow Bootcamp®, Pupilates™, Begging For Beginners®, Sit, Stay & Get Fit™, Just The Dog™and more.
“We are very excited and proud to bring this partnership to Woof Gang Bakery, built with exceptional people who believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change in the pet industry,” said Tricia Montgomery, Founder and CEO of K9 Fit Club. “K9 Fit Club and Woof Gang Bakery offer health, fitness and wellness at both ends of the leash.” 
Programs were created by leading experts in the veterinary, medical, fitness and animal behavior professions, where both pups and their people are guaranteed to have fun and get a New Leash on Life®.
With science-based parallel programs for people and their pups, K9 Fit Club is an approved partner of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. They are also recognized by organizations including the American Council on Exercise, MedFit Network, Obesity Action Coalition, American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Medical Association, the Certified Council of Professional Dog Trainers, Human Animal Bond Research Initiative, and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. K9 Fit Club is a recognized provider for Aetna, Cigna and Medicare through the Healthways/Silversneakers Network.