Grooming with Heart: Meet Woof Gang's Star Groomer Kathryn Gronmeyer

Grooming with Heart: Meet Woof Gang's Star Groomer Kathryn Gronmeyer

WE LOVE OUR GROOMERS!!📣📣📣📣 So we're going to spotlight another fabulous Woof Gang Groomer, ✨Kathryn Gronmeyer✨ Kathryn has been creating STUNNING looks on her clients at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Wakefield for 5 years. Some of those looks feature fun colors, patterns, and maximum creativity! 🎨🐶

Not only is her talent through the WOOF - she also grooms with heart and works together with pet parents to achieve their grooming goals for their furry best friend! Her favorite styles to groom are many of the poodle cuts and terrier/patterned cuts that show off the amazing traits of each breed. 🐩

The unique thing to Kathryn about Woof Gang, is how much they truly feel like a family. 💖 Working together day in and out to help the pet parents in the Woof Gang Wakefield community.  They work as a unit to put animal’s needs and health first, and pride themselves on communicating that to pet parents!

She emphasizes that grooming requires hard work and unity between both pet parent and groomer to keep up with the haircut or length desired. A pro-tip from Kathryn, "Brushing is the number one important thing for any and all breeds and finding the right set of brushes and routine for your dog’s coat type. Talk to your groomer about which products to use and techniques and they will help point you in the right direction."

When she's not bathing floof balls and giving flashy puppy makeovers, Kathryn enjoys reading and hanging out with her pack. She also participates in dog sports with her two of her fur-kids, a Wolfhound and American Bully.

At Woof Gang, our mission is to spread love and kindness, one treat and one groom at a time. With dedicated and talented groomers like Kathryn Gronmeyer in our pack, we’re truly making that mission a reality. Thank you, Kathryn, for your exceptional work and for helping us make the world a little brighter for our furry friends! 💓🐶


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