Woof Gang Groomer Spotlight: Celebrating Caroline Trueman's Loving Touch since 2017 in South Tampa! 🐶❤️✂️

Woof Gang Groomer Spotlight: Celebrating Caroline Trueman's Loving Touch since 2017 in South Tampa! 🐶❤️✂️

At Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, our groomers are at the core of what we do and we truly appreciate and honor all that they do to keep their furry clients happy, healthy, and thriving! We'd like to take a moment to spotlight a groomer that we believe goes above and beyond, the incredible - Caroline Trueman! Not only has she been a Woof Gang Groomer since 2017 when our South Tampa location opened, but she truly embodies our values and what it means to groom with LOVE! 🐶❤️

Caroline was drawn to Woof Gang because it combines the best of both worlds - professional structure and standards with a warm, friendly neighborhood feel. Also, that the customer experience always comes first. She’s seen that at Woof Gang South Tampa, they genuinely care about customers and their dogs. With so many options available, it means a lot that people choose to bring their furry friends to them. And the respect doesn't just end there - they also value each other as a team. Their goal is to create a soothing, stress-free spa-like experience for every animal in their care. 🫧 They're constantly expanding their knowledge and are passionate about sharing it with others. Caroline loves being able to build long-term relationships with her clients and their dogs. 💗🐶🐈

Every day brings new and exciting challenges for Caroline. She enjoys problem-solving and using her creativity to deliver a groom that the customer will love and be able to maintain. She takes pride in creating a low-stress environment for the dogs during the grooming process. Easing pet parents’ minds that their furbaby is in capable, confident, kind, and patient hands. If there's ever a haircut that the customer doesn't like, she's there to fix it with her expertise. ✂️

Communication is key for Caroline, and she ensures that the pet parents are informed about any concerns she notices during the grooming session, whether it's knots in the fur or skin irritations. She goes above and beyond by recommending helpful tips and tricks, like brushing techniques and products, that can make grooming easier for them at home. For new clients, especially with puppies, she provides a complete rundown of her grooming process and offers advice to make future grooming sessions smoother. For example, if a puppy doesn’t like having their feet touched, she’ll recommend the owner play with their puppy’s feet while giving them treats. “There is a lot of information out there. I do my best to help the customer sort through it,” Caroline states. 

Outside of work, Caroline loves exploring the Tampa Bay area and all it has to offer. From markets and concerts to museums and coffee shops, she embraces the local scene. She stays active through yoga, recreational sports, hiking, biking, and trips to the beach.🏖️

For Caroline, grooming is much more than just a job. It's an opportunity to make a positive impact on the pets and pet parents in her community while fueling her passion for dogs. We're incredibly grateful to have her as part of our Pack, and she epitomizes the love and joy that Woof Gang brings to pets, one groom at a time! 💗🐶🙏



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